Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chicken soup for the battered soul

I don't much care for the Montreal Canadiens. 

I care for them so little that I am not going to torture myself by reliving the "game" that took place between them and the Leafs earlier this evening to offer a bitter analysis of a completely lackluster effort that I'm hoping will just go away if I ignore it.

Instead, I've decided to reflect on some of the better times. Thanks to and the wonderful world of the interweb, I was able to dig up some old clips of one of the blue and white bruisers who will always hold a special place in my heart.

Without further ado, I bring you -- Tie Domi Fights Canadiens:

Tie Domi vs. Donald Brashear - Feb 3, 1996

Although Domi would clash with Brashear far more during the latter's tenure with the Philadelphia Flyers, it is this game that stood out as a defining one in my childhood. The notion that a person would take on someone so much larger than him was quite astonishing to my young psyche, and I am pretty certain I can attribute a couple showdowns involving who got to play in the mini-log cabin in the preschool sandbox during recess to the lessons I learned from watching Domi go. Far from being a bad influence, Domi taught me not to be a pushover despite my size. If Canada is serious about putting a stop to bullying, this video should be shown in preschools across the nation.

Tie Domi vs. Shayne Corson - Feb 20, 1999

In what would be but one bout of many, Tie Domi takes down future teammate Shayne Corson. Fun fact: this was the very first fight to take place in the Air Canada Centre, occurring during the first game in the building. Tie Domi wastes no time.

Tie Domi vs. Darren Langdon - Mar 13, 2004

 Perseverance, man. Domi's got it.

Tie Domi vs. Jim Cummins - Oct 23, 1999

I think one of the things that most amazed me about Domi was how calm he looked at the end of his fights. It made him even more terrifying. You know, kind of like a psychopath.

So there you go -- my Hockey Day in Canada coverage.

Actually, one thing worth mentioning: Lupol fought PK Subban, who put the "K" in Klass when he threw his first punch before Lupol could get his helmet off. In related news, I have decided Lupol can't be all bad.

You know who can be all bad? Brett Lebda, who for some unknown reason was playing on one of the  power play units tonight. If I die of an aneurysm in my sleep, this will be why.


  1. I've seen way too much of the Lebda-Komisarek Variety Hour these past two games to feel okay about these two. What I cannot understand is why, when the Leafs are supposedly working towards that really, really elusive playoff spot, Wilson chooses to go with Lebda, with no goals and a -17, over Gunnarsson, with 3 goals (pretty dang impressive, for this Leafs team's defence anyway)and a -2. I thought Wilson was a big stats guy.

  2. The only explanation I've come up with is that Wilson has given up on the season, figures his time will be up in April, and is using his final days to push as many fans and media members to the brink of insanity as possible. All we can do is continue to build our Reimer statue and wait for it to all be over.